Wedding Related Events

No time to deal with the stress of planning the extra parties that traditionally go along with a wedding? No problem! Whether you are the guest of honor, their parent, or in the bridal party we are here to help you throw a great party. 

Engagement Party

Congratulations! Gather your friends and family to celebrate your engagement. Could be an intimate brunch, a large cookout, or something unique. The options are endless. 

Bridal Shower

Shower the bride-to-be with love. Typically has games or little activities for guests to partake in, along with the opening (and showing off) of gifts. 

Bachelorette Party

Spend a day (or weekend) with your besties soaking in the last moments of your "pre-married" life. Hitting the clubs, staying in for a movie night, or having a spa day are just a few of the possibilities for the event. 

Rehearsal Dinner

Go over the game-plan for the big day with the whole bridal party. Ensure everyone knows where to walk, stand, and sit on your wedding day. 

Day-After Brunch

Sleep in past breakfast and meet your family and friends for a "day-after" brunch. Share your favorite moments from the day before and take in that you just got married.